Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Women's Fashion

Boy Baby Clothes Toddler Set Gentleman Overalls 2PCS Outfit Top+Bib Pants 0-5Y

Casual Outfit... NOT! This spring's style is the BEST we've had in... um... years! this is NO casual outfit, it's one of the best spring fashion in h=HISTORY of fashion!

Winter fashion wear for women: Perfect Fall Work Outfit. Layered button up with a gray V-neck sweater, jeans, and chunky jewelry

I don't usually go for jumpsuits but this one is super versatile!

Dolls house project

I like the garage on the bottom. That way daddy will have fun buying cars and motorcycles for his girl!

DIY Filing Cabinet Desk

DIY Filing Cabinet Desk - Last year we built an 8 foot long filing cabinet desk for our kids bedroom, using second hand filing cabinets that we painted. 

Quick and Easy Owl - INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF Knitting Pattern. Quick and Easy Owl Pattern. If anyone feels inspired to work one up for me, I will not be offended.

Craft ideas

Laundry Room Ideas - ❤️❤️❤️ the lost sock frame w/ clothespins!!! "CLEAN. SINGLE. LOOKING FOR A MATE." Love it! Alt: "CLEAN. SINGLE. LOOKING FOR SOLE MATE."

Nursery Print - You Are My Sunshine - Pink and Grey with Flowers - 8x10 wall… Love this as a DIY project but with "I love you a bushel and a peck/ a hug around the neck/ a barrel and a heap/ and I'm talking in my sleep about you"

Children's Craft Idea: Sensory or Discovery Bottles


Funny Relationship Break Up Quotes | Relationships advice love trust games break up quotes ...

All these girls my age are having babies... I'm just over here trying to get a booty and some abs.

“The greatest power that God has given to any individual is the power of prayer.” — Kathryn Kuhlman

This is not just funny... its hilariously true. That moment of panic. oh crap! what did i do?????

Birthday Party Ideas

Boys Birthday Party Ideas Construction Theme

Pretty with a little Hello Kitty figure on top

Best Jello Shots - 70 Fancy Jello Shots Recipes - A Holiday Chef

Watermelon Sparkling Lemonade Ingredients: Watermelon, lemonade, sprite, ice, & lime. Instructions: 1. In a large pitcher pour the sprite, lemonade and (after squeezing)--it sounds wrong--watermelon juice 2. Put (about 2 teaspoons) of lime and the ice 3. Stir ENJOY!

Beach wear

Marysia Swim EXCLUSIVE Scallop Trim Bandeau Bikini: Hot Pink
Marysia Swim Scallop Trim Bandeau Bikini: Black. Comes in Hot Pink too!!

Cute animals

All aboard the kitty swiffer ride!

Age of the Geek

Stitch + Toothless = No good can come of this friendship